How to Buy and Import Furniture from China: A Complete Guide

From few months ago, lots of customers inquired us to help them import furniture from China through emails. Because they think it is very difficult to find a good supplier from thousands of furniture companies. And very headache for them to negotiate price and indentify the quality.Keep reading and learn how to find suitable suppliers,avoid problems,negotiate price,pay money and ship the goods.

Ⅰ、Why import furniture from China?

Furniture is a major cost for any home or office that can be considerably reduced by buying and importing furniture from China at wholesale price. An individual may balk at the prospect of going to China to buy furniture, however prices are substantially lower than retail prices in the home country to justify a trip to China for buying furniture.

IN 2004, China begun to be the largest exporter of furniture in the world. China manufactures most of the furniture of the leading designers in the world. These furniture designers are of course silent about this fact.

how to import furniture from China

Customer purchased in Shunde Furniture City

Europe and the United States style furniture

Furniture from China are uniquely designed to avoid the use of nails, screws and glue. When made of wood with top quality, this type of furniture can last for centuries.

This engineering design amazingly connects the different components of the furniture without any trace of the connection. It is as though the entire furniture was built from just a single piece of wood.

There are close to 50,000 furniture manufactures in China. Most are small to medium sized manufacturers. Most manufacture generic or brand-less furniture although some have started to produce branded pieces.

You will find a amazing furniture world when sourcing from China.There so many kinds of exquisite furtures for choice,which can’t be bought for your local market.But  how to import the best quality with reasonable price items?This is a question!

Ⅱ、Importing Furniture from China

China made furniture are highly preferred by importers. Importing furniture from China though is a tough process.


Most China furniture are displayed in Furniture Malls as most potential customers opt visiting malls than individual furniture shops. In these malls you will find a variety of furniture with varied pricing structures. Considering most sale representives can’t speak English and they don’t offer shipment services,in this situation,you’d better hire a sourcing agent,like Myanson to be interpreter and handle all exportation matters. Typically these agents will charge 3% to 5% of total purchase value to to handle all aspects of shipments.But we will charge 1%.

best China furniture sourcing agent



One of the most important steps in building an online business is to find reliable suppliers to make your product idea a reality. Most start-up online businesses are often faced with this dilemma: Where and how do I source products and suppliers? The answer is Alibaba.

alibaba for sourcing furniture

Alibaba has become one of the top B2B marketplace businesses rely on for cheap and top quality products, which they can either resell or have their own private labels on. Products and suppliers are mostly from China.

3.Shunde Furniture Mall

Shunde is an district of Foshan city in China,which dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture. It is referred to as Furniture City and the Furniture Wholesale Market of China. In Shunde you will find over 1,500 manufactures of furniture and about 3,000 Chinese and international furniture dealers.  Their furniture are displayed in shops located inside a 5 kilometer long market with over 20 streets.

China Foshan Furniture Mall

  • Louvre Furniture Mall. High-end furniture with high quality and excellent rates is what you will find in this mall. It is extremely comfortable and easy to explore. This mall is the main source for China’s furniture industry. The shops in this mall are known to be reliable and highly scam-free.Surely the price is not so cheap.
  • Sun-link Furniture Wholesale Market.There are southern and northern furniture centers in this market.Products in northern center is higher quality than southern center.You can also get a better shopping experience in northern center.
  • Tuanyi International Furniture City.This mall also has some good choices if you have time to have a check(cheapest products comparing with above two markets).As to our past experience,it takes almost one week if we shop above malls,but normally most our customers don’t have so much time to shop and buy slowly.

4.Furniture Fairs

China furniture fair

  • China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

This is China’s most established and biggest furniture fair and probably also in the world. There is one scheduled every March and  another every September.

  • Guangzhou Canton Fair (CF):Every April and October(Phrase Ⅱ) 

It is important to note that most furniture manufacturers in China specialize in one furniture category each. If you need bedroom sets, living room sets and dining room sets, you may need to deal with different sets of suppliers.

5.The most common types of furniture manufactured in China include:

  • Sofa
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Beds
  • Living Rooms Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Children’s Furniture
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Hotel Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Wood Furniture
  • Metal Furniture
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Plastic Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Hotel Furniture

Ⅲ、Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is always one of the most important things to consider when sourcing for a China furniture supplier.

For whole sale,some manufacturers have high MOQ but would offer low price.But some small and medium importers cannot reach. China furniture suppliers sometimes are flexible and a compromise can always be reached especially if you are ordering a variety of different types of furniture.

For retail,please pay attention to ask suppliers whether they are in stock.It is easy to buy stock items but price is normally 20%~30% or more higher than wholesale price.

China furniture facotry

Ⅳ、Negotiating the Price

If you cannot personally go to the Furniture Malls in China or attend any of the Furniture Fairs, you may opt to work with a sourcing agent from China. This individual or firm can help you source for the furniture you need.

You can initially check the website of prospective furniture suppliers and ask the sourcing agent to check the quality and design. The sourcing agent can also help you negotiate for the best possible price and will help you all the way to shipment of your orders. A sourcing agent acts as your representative in China.

China sourcing agent helps negotiate price

Ⅴ、How to Pay China Suppliers

The best method to choose when paying your China furniture supplier depends on the amount you are going to be paying.

China suppliers may be notorious for delayed deliveries but they are not known to be scammers. Given this image does not give importers reason not to be careful because even in remote instances, there are really scammers.

Here are the common ways importers pay China suppliers:

1.International Wire Transfer

This is the oldest payment mode and the most commonly used for small and medium sized transactions. The buyer pays a down payment before production starts and the full payments as per their agreed payment term.

Importer risk losing his money should anything goes wrong. Supplier also stands to lose when after down payment and production, the buyer, for whatever reason, loses interest on his order.

2.Letter of Credit

This is one of the most secured payment mode. This is commonly used for transactions over $50,000.  LCs though involve a lot of paper work with the bank. The bank also charges exorbitant fees to get an LC.

3.Online Escrow

This payment term is ideal for small transactions only usually below $ 5,000. You can find escrow services in the internet. This is not a very secure payment mode because there is not much paper work involved making future disputes difficult.

4.Sourcing Agents / Companies

This is not actually a payment mode but if you are working with a sourcing agent or company, you can course your payment through them. Small buyers often take advantage of this payment as this is safer than an online escrow service.

The sourcing agent/company will pay the China supplier through COD or Chinese escrow. This is a good option because the sourcing agent/company can opt to reject and not pay the supplier if the quality of the delivery does not conform to the agreement.


PayPal is similar to credit card payment except that you do not expose your credit card details. You instead attach your credit card to your PayPal account and pay your supplier through an email account. PayPal deducts a fee when funds in an account is transferred to a bank account. Suppliers commonly charge this fee to the buyer.

This payment mode is feasible for small orders.

6.International Credit Cards

International credit cards are seldom used when supplier is a factory. International credit cards are often used when importing small electronic accessories.


Although risky, most furniture orders are paid in cash especially when buyer is represented in China by a sourcing agent or company. This payment option often gets the lowest prices. Cash option should only be used in small orders or when a buyer fully trusts the supplier.

8.Western Union

After PayPal, Western Union is the easiest payment option. For small and sample orders, most China suppliers prefer this payment mode. This is a high risk payment option for importers because an individual and not the company will be receiving the payment. WU however is fast and charges a very small fee. Paying through Western Union though is often correlated to internet scams.

Ⅵ、How do I have to book, load, and ship furniture imported that I buy in China?

1.Choosing Between a Groupage or a Full Container Load

The furniture you will be importing from China will definitely be shipped through sea freight.

Cargo shipped through sea are contained in 20 x 40 feet containers. An entire home of 250 square meters/2500 square feet of cargo will fit into a 40-foot container. More detailed container information please contact us.

how furniture being loaded

If your cargo is at least 5 pallets, the most ideal option is to ship them through full cargo load (FCL). If your cargo is of a lesser volume, the most ideal option is through a groupage or loose cargo load (LCL). This means that your cargo will share container space will other cargoes.

If you want your cargo to be protected from getting into contact with other cargoes, you can opt for FCL even if it is of a small volume.The best way is to load the furniture with your other cargoes like floor tile , lights,sanitary wares.

2.Shipment Management

When importing furniture from China (or any goods for that matter), you can let your supplier handle the shipping. This is common for most first time importers because it is the simplest process. The thing is, you will probably end up paying more. You have other shipping options that can help you save time and money.

China sourcing agent helps arrange shipment

  • Handle shipping yourself.

This entails booking cargo space directly with the shipping company and managing Customs Declarations in China and in your country.

If you choose to use this shipping option, you will need to monitor the carrier of the cargo yourself and deal directly with them. This is a time consuming process.

This option is not ideal for small and medium importers. Big companies though can very well choose this option because they have more manpower.

  • Have a freight forwarder in your country handle your shipment

This is a convenient option because you will be dealing with local agents in your country. This is the option most often used by small and medium scale importers.

The downside of this shipping option is most forwarders in your country may not have an office in China. They will be working with agents in China and will add a mark-up to what the local agents will charge.

This option can be inefficient and expensive.

  • Have a freight forwarder in China handle your shipment.

This is the fastest way you will receive your shipment thus most importers use this shipment option.The freight forwarder is in close contact with your supplier and informs them of the status of your shipment. This option also gives the best rates.

  • Have a freight forwarder in your country and in China handle your shipment.

This is probably the best choice for small and medium importers. You are in direct contact with both the forwarder sending your shipment and also with the ones who will be receiving your shipment. With this option, you are on top of everything.

Ⅶ、Transit Times

delivery time you should know if import from China

When you order furniture from China, you should consider both the time it takes for the supplier to prepare your orders and the transit time. China suppliers are known to be most often delayed with their deliveries. That plus the transit time will mean that it will take some time for you to receive your orders.

delivery time delay

Transit time from China to the US takes between 14 to 50 days, give and take a few more days for customs clearance. This does not include delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather. It is therefore a good idea to estimate that it will take about 3 months for your furniture to arrive from China.

If you are having a high stock turn-over in your store and need immediate replenishment, it may be a wise idea to use air freight. This is only viable if you are shipping small volumes of furniture. Air freight is more expensive, but faster.

Importing furniture from China can either be relatively easy or difficult. If you are equipped with full understanding of the process, it will be an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, it will be stressful.

Any questions or suggestions.Please contact

Importing Furniture from China in 5 Steps

About to purchase furniture, or other home products, from suppliers in China? Keep reading, and learn what you must know about finding the right furniture suppliers, relevant trade shows and customization options. We also explain what furniture importers must know about fire retardancy regulations, quality control and shipping.

1. Finding the right Furniture Manufacturer in China

When sourcing Furniture manufacturers online, there’s a variety of factors to use when assessing potential candidate suppliers. Below follows a few examples:

Registered Capital: A low registered capital may indicate that the supplier is a small trading company. As there are no real benefits of buying from a trader, you want to avoid that. A Furniture manufacturer should have at least RMB 1,000,000 in registered capital, which is specified in their business license.

Business Scope: Possibly even more telling than the Registered Capital, the Business scope explains what the company was set out to do. Look for “furniture” and “manufacturing”, or “production”, to assess if the supplier is a true manufacturer. Traders, on the other hand, tend to have business scopes, including a wide range of very different products, and include terms such as “Wholesale”.

Quality Management System: A Quality Management System, for example, ISO 9001, is implemented to track and prevent quality issues. Why does this matter? Because it only applies to manufacturers, not traders.

When buying furniture from Chinese suppliers, why is it important to first filter suppliers? Because the majority of Furniture manufacturers are not geared towards developed markets, offering the quality options and stability you need to compete.

If you don’t feel like browsing supplier listing online, you may want to consider visiting a Home products trade show in Mainland China or Hong Kong. Below follows a summary of relevant, annual, trade fairs in the Furniture and home products industry:

Globalsources Gift & Home (Hong Kong S.A.R)

  • Home Living & Decor
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Home Improvement

Canton Fair (Phase 2) (Guangzhou, Guangdong)

  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Hotel Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Household decoration

HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair (Hong Kong S.A.R)

  • Artificial Flowers
  • Hardware & DIY Products
  • Bar Accessories
  • Health & Personal Care Items
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Home Decorations & Handicrafts
  • Kitchenware & Gadgets
  • Cleaning & Supplies
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Silver Generation Products
  • Small Electrical Appliances
  • Gardening & Outdoor Accessories
  • Tableware

White Barcelona chair

2. Furniture Customisation Options

What differs a retailer, or even wholesaler, from an OEM manufacturer? When you buy a product from a retailer, take Ikea for example, you know that their products are made according to the very same specification sheet. There is no variation in terms of materials, design, dimensions and functions. Yet, many importers of home products, including furniture, make the assumption that this is how OEM manufacturers in China, also operates.

OEM manufacturers operate according to a ‘make to order’ principle. While they may have “catalog products”, these are mere references, at best. What this means for you, is that you must provide the supplier with a spec sheet – even if the product is based on a factory design. There is no uniform Furniture spec sheet template that can be used. However, below follows a few examples of what you must include in your specification sheet:

  • Wood Quality (i.e., German Beech Wood)
  • Fabric Specifications (i.e., PU Coated Polyester, 550 gsm)
  • Metal Parts (i.e., 316L Stainless Steel)
  • Foam (i.e., High Density Fire Retardant Foam Rubber)

3. Assess Applicable Furniture Regulations

In many markets, there are mandatory Fire Retardancy Regulations, applicable to various types of furniture. In the United States, there’s no federal framework to which American importers must comply. However, California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117) has become ‘de facto’ mandatory, as it is asked for by both retailers and customers.

However, In the European Union, there are mandatory Fire safety standards, to which buyers are forced to comply. Below follows an overview:

  • EN 1021-1
  • EN 1021-2
  • EN 597-1
  • EN 597-2
  • EN 14533

Keep in mind that you must communicate to the supplier, to which standards your product must be complied with. A few years ago, I remember how we performed a quality inspection on upholstered furniture in Hangzhou. As we started testing the fire retardancy of the cover fabric, it turned out that the goods were in no way going to pass a third party audit.

However, the present sales manager, quickly brushed off any responsibility. Instantly, he underlined that they are indeed capable of ensuring compliance with all European and American substance and fire retardancy standard, but that this customer did not communicate that their product had to be compliant with a certain standard.

Hence, the procurement officers, working in the factory, did not make this specific request to their subcontractor for cover fabrics… and indeed, they didn’t ask either, so the result was a batch of a non-compliant goods. As such, you must first assess which regulations apply to home products in your market, and then communicate this requirement to your manufacturer.

4. Quality Control

To ensure that your supplier is not shipping substandard or damaged goods, which is perfectly possible, you must hire a quality inspector to check up on the goods. There are several companies offering quality control services, already in China. However, you need to communicate what they should look for. Below follows explanations of two of critical checkpoints, when importing furniture from China:

Visual Inspection: Check for potential damages, or usage of incorrect materials and components.

Fire retardancy testing: While most compliance tests can only be carried out in a laboratory, fire retardancy of fabrics can be checked just as well with a lighter and a stopwatch.

5. Shipping & Logistics

Furniture is heavy, and can easily break under the weight of stacked units. Many manufacturers understand this, while others routinely fail to apply common sense when packing furniture. As such, I suggest that you request packing, as following:

  • Outer Cartons with plastic wrapping (to prevent mold)
  • Pallets (for easy unloading)

As furniture is not only heavy, but also taking up quite a bit of space, most buyers in this segment base their imported volumes on a container basis, rather than a unit bases. Hence, request your supplier to quote a volume based on an FCL 20’’ or 40’’ HQ container, and let them specify the number of units that can be loaded in each.

Do you want to import furniture easily?

It can be hard to go from a design drawing to finished product. To help you manage the entire process – from creating a specification, to sampling and quality control – we suggest to choose us,from sourcing to shipment,control quality during production and we’re in charge of communication between clients and factory.


In addition, you can also book quality inspections, and shipping directly from Team

Pakistan Anti-dumping to China Tile,Final Arbitration

Ⅰ、Why Anti-dumping to Chinese Tile?

On 19th February,2016,responding to the application of Pakistan domestic tile producer representative Shabbir Tiles & Ceramic Limited,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made an initiation of anti-dumping investigation proceedings to Chinese tiles.

On 18th February,2017,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made an affirmative preliminary anti-dumping duty determination on imports of Chinese tiles with anti-dumping duty ranging from 5.21%-59.18%.

On 11th October,2017,Pakistan National Tariff Commission made the affirmative anti-dumping decision to Chinese tiles:

1.There is dumping on the imports of tiles involved, which have caused substantial damage to the Pakistani domestic industry.They decided to impose definite anti-dumping duty on the exporters/manufacturers involved (see Table 1).The duty rates are based on C&F trade termof the Chinese tile exportation.This ruling came into effect from February 18, 2017 and is valid for 5 years.

2.The final anti-dumping rates for the companies selected as sample range from 9.35% to 36.35%,and the rate for those companies which cooperating with investigation but no selected as sampling is 17.83%.As an agreement with China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals & Chemicals Importers &Exporters,those companies who do not comply with the price agreement will be subject to a generalized rate of 36.35%.

Name of Companies Definitive Anti-dumping Duty Rate
Companies selected in the searched sample
Fujian Minqing Xinfeng Ceramics Company limited 19.37%
Guangdong Haosen Ceramics Company Limited 26.62%
Heyuan Dongyuan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co. Limited 36.35%
Eagle Brand Ceramics Industry(Heyuan)Co. Limited 36.35%
Huida Sanitary Ware Company Limited 9.35%
Foshan Hexin Chuangzhan Ceramics Company Limited 9.35%
Zibo Huabang Ceramics Company Limited 9.35%
Cooperating producers not selected as searched sample
Guangdong Overland Ceramic Company Limited 17.83%
Super Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Foshan Huashengchang Ceramics Compnay Limited 17.83%
Qingyuan Nafuna Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Lixian Xinpeng Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Guangdong Yongsheng Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
Foshan Chan Cheng Jinyi Ceramics Company Limited 17.83%
All others 36.35%

Table 1 

3.For those companies who have signed the price price commitment,they can refrain from the anti-dumping duty by exporting tiles at prices higher than the following(see Table 2).



FOB Price


6907.21 Floor tile (porcelain tiles)size up to 60x60CM

(or up to 3600 Square CM)

5.25 4.4
6907.21 Floor tile (porcelain tiles)size above 60x60CM

(or above to 3600 square CM)

6.35 5.5
6907.22 OR


Wall tile(ceramic tiles)size up to 45x45CM

(or up to 2025 Square CM)

3.55 2.7
6907.22 OR6907.23 Wall tile(ceramic tiles)

size above 45x45CM

(or above 2025 Square CM)

4.35 3.5

Table 2

Ⅱ、What Importers Can Do When Facing High Anti-dumping Duties?

It is good news that importing from price commitment companies no need to pay anti-dumping duty.This will greatly reduce the impact of anti-dumping investigation on China’s export of tile to Pakistan.

As we got the announcement from Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau website,to achieve non-anti-dumping duty,the importers should  get Certificate of Origin from the price commitment exporters,which issued by China’s Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

certificate of origin

Considering this, there are some notes should be paid attention to:

1.Certificate of origin for those companies who promise ceramic tile price commitment to Pakistan should use General Administration of Quality Supervision uniformly printed non-preferential certificates of origin.The fifth column of the certificate states“For Price Undertaking of Wall and Floor Tiles to Pakistan”.

2.Applicants who have applied for a price commitment certificate of origin should be exporters or producers.And exporters, producers and third parties (if have) of the same batch of tiles should be in the price commitment undertakings list which officially announced by Pakistan.

3.Certificate of Origin is effective only for floor tiles (porcelain tile) and wall tiles(non-porcelain tiles)with these HS CODE 6907.21、 6907.22 and 6907.23.

4.Those companies who apply price commitment certificate of original,in addition to submitting the documents required for non-preferential certificate of origin applications,should also submit proforma invoice and commercial invoice issued by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals & Chemicals Importers &Exporters.

5.Enterprises involved in the price commitment should strictly abide the price commitment.Those who contrary to the price commitment, the Pakistani side will levy a 36.35% anti-dumping duties on their tile exportation to Pakistan.

tile anti-dumping duty

6.During the effective period of price commitment, those products which meet the price commitment requirements can only apply for the price commitment certificate of origin and the China-Pakistan Free Trade Area certificate of origin.Exporters who apply for issuing the ordinary non-preferential certificate of origin will be treated as violating the price commitment.They will be canceled the applicant qualification of price commitment C/O and credited to the integrity management system.

How to Import Sanitary Wares from China?

How to Import Sanitary Wares from China?

In the past several months I wrote some articles about how to import tiles,furniture,drones,fidget spinners,etc.Since our company mainly focus on building materials exportation,how we can ignore sanitary wares!

This article will give you a comprehensive introduction of how to import sanitary wares from China including how to choose products,how to find good suppliers and some solutions for common problems.

The sanitary ware industry is a good business to be in. Its continued growth is due to increasing construction activities, the booming hospitality industry, rising disposable incomes, and increasing concerns over personal hygiene.

If you’re a distributor, wholesaler or retailer of sanitary wares, consider importing these products from China.

As we mentioned before,China global sourcing has become attractive due to the country’s mind-boggling variety of products, and its low cost of manufacturing. Businesses are attracted to the huge opportunity to make money by reselling wholesale goods bought cheaply.

China is the biggest producer and consumer of sanitary wares in Asia. Here you can find an extensive range of products, including toilets, washbasins, pedestals, bidets, urinals, sinks, bath tubs, bathroom cabinets, and many more. All at different price points and quality levels.

Chinese sanitary wares manufacturers

Read this comprehensive guide to help you when importing sanitary wares from China.

Ⅰ、What Kind of Sanitary Ware Will Bring You Business?

  • Classic appearance

Classics never go out of fashion. White, being a color associated with cleanliness, remains a popular color choice for sanitary wares. Also, clean designs in solid colors will always find ready buyers.

  • Convenient and safe

People like simple designs and simple mechanisms for safety and convenience. You want to be able to use the bathroom immediately when you need to, and not have to take time to figure out how to use many buttons or levers. This is especially useful for young kids, for the older generation, and for persons with disabilities.

  • Environment-friendly use

With the growing global concern for the environment, consumers now favor bathroom fixtures and fittings that do not waste a lot of water.

  • Luxury market

Every market has its high end segment. This market will search for luxury sanitary wares, artistic designs, private spas, saunas, shower systems, and larger baths that are stylish and comfortable.

Ⅱ、Classification of Sanitary Ware Produced in China

Sanitary ware products are types of plumbing fixtures and fittings found in bathrooms or washrooms.

According to the China Sanitary Ware Industry Report, those produced in China can be categorized according to raw material used, which is ceramic or non-ceramic.

Ceramic Non-ceramic
Toilet, bidet, urinal, wash basin, sink, pedestal,mopsink, soap box and toilet roll holder Bathtub,  faucet, bathroom cabinet, hand dryer,flusher

and other electronic parts

Classification of Sanitary Ware Produced in China

Ⅲ、Where to Find Sanitary Ware Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

When looking for sanitary ware manufacturers, go to the area with highest concentration of manufacturers. This region will have the best prices since neighboring manufacturers tend to be competitive.

Sanitary Wares Industry Clusters in China
Toilet, bidet, urinal, wash basin, sink, pedestal, mop sink, soap box,

toilet roll holder and other ceramic sanitary wares

Foshan city,Chaozhou city
Water tank Zhongshan city
Toilet cover,cistern fittings Xiamen city,Hebei province
Cabinet Foshan city,Chaozhou city
Shower room,bathtub,hand dryer Foshan city,Zhongshan city
Faucet,shower,accessaries Kaiping town,Nan an city,Wenzhou

Guangdong Province is the biggest sanitary ware manufacturing base in China, and probably the world. Here are the cities where there’s a large concentration of sanitary ware manufacturers:

foshan sanitary ware cluster

If you are specialized in purchasing high class sanitary wares and require sales who can speak English to communicate,coming to Foshan is a good choice.Foshan City is the ceramic capital and trade center of China. Located in Guangdong province, it is the largest and most important manufacturing base of ceramics in China.There are many famous sanitary ware brands own factories or sales centers in Foshan, such as TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Suncoo, Roca, Dongpeng and so on.

Foshan is also the production cluster of cabinets,shower rooms and bathtubs.For cabinets,the product technology is same as high-end furniture because most of  them  are produced in Shunde,which is called furniture town of the world.Shower rooms and bathtubs locates in one of Foshan’areas,Nanhai.The leisure sanitary wares production technology absolutely far beyond other cities and regions.

By the way,if you plan to purchase many kinds of products for your house or projects,Foshan is the best choice.As I mentioned in my blog before,Foshan city is very famous for building materials,like tile, sanitary wares, furniture, light,  window,  door,  etc.Of course,you can find any grade products here cause there are thousands of big and small companies or stalls offering your ideal items.In a word,Foshan offers you one-stop shopping,you can find a amazing purchasing world here.

foshan sanitary wares

Tips: Since Foshan is next to Guangzhou,it takes about 50mins from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Foshan city.As far as I know,some companies in Foshan would arrange car service for their customers.If you contacted some suppliers before coming to China,try to confirm your visiting schedule so that they can pick you up on time.Or you can take a taxi or airport bus directly.If you have plan visiting Guangzhou.Taking a taxi or subway from Foshan is quite convenient.

Main Brands:SHKL,Frank,Godi, Andemasuo,Arrow,Faenza,Annwa,SSWW,Eagle,Suncoo,Dongpeng.

chaozhou sanitary wares

A city in the eastern Guangdong province, Chaozhou City is known for its ceramic industry, and is the porcelain capital of Guangdong.At present, Chaozhou is the the largest production base of domestic ceramic sanitary wares.Its production value accounted for 40% of national production and 55% of export volume.

If you are specialized in ceramic sanitary ware business and always purchase large quantity.Coming to Chaozhou city is the best choice.Chaozhou manufacturers mainly produce ceramic items such as toilet,basin,bidet,pedestal and so on.Most of the ceramic sanitary ware factories locate in Guxiang,Dengtang,Fengxi,Fengtang town.

Tips: If you come to Chaozhou for purchasing,you’d better find a Chinese interpreter to assist you.If you can find a person who can speak local language,that will be great because suppliers normally talk about some secrets in teochew dialect,especially when they don’t want customers to  know their internal discussion about price when face to face negotiating.

It is also convenient traveling to Chaozhou.You can take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Chaoshan station and ask supplier to pick you up.

Main Brands:Hegii,Anbi,DOLO,Madao,Vieany,AUBELL,Senchn,TOZO,JIOHOL,Yatao,Monga,Taitao,Muye.

kaiping faucets and hardware fittings

A city in Guangdong province, Kaiping City is known as “Sanitary City.”  The sanitary and plumbing wares industry is considered one of the city’s pillar industries. Its Shuikou town is the biggest base domestically for faucets and hardware fittings manufacturing, and has the biggest sanitary wares exhibition center in China.The products quality is the best one and price is a little bit high.They are suitable for customers who have high quality requirements.

Main brands:Huayi,CAE,Caizhou,Gold,CME,Aosman

nan an faucets

A city in southern Fujian province that is also considered as a major center of ceramic production. In Chinese history, it was known as a center of celadon production. Celadon wares are green glazed bowls with carved and combed or dotted decorations.Here you can find many faucets,showers and angle valves factories.Those are in middle quality and reasonable price,quite suitbale for projects.


zhongshan shower room manufacturers

After more than 20 years of development, Zhongshan City has the capability to produce 2.8 million sets of shower room products with an annual export volume of 300 million U.S. dollars. Zhongshan is one of the major cities for economic exchanges between the east and west coasts of the Pearl River Delta and an important transportation node in the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary.

Until now,there are more than 100 well-known shower room enterprises in Zhongshan city.It is the veritable Chinese shower room manufacturing base.

Disadvantages: Anti-dumping laws of Europe and the United States on the building materials industry.Less and less exportation tax from government on the shower room industry make it harder to export.


wenzhou hardware accessaries

Wenzhou locates in Zhejiang province.There are a large number of hardware OEM small workshops in this city.

Comparing with Kaiping and Nan an,the hardware accessaries in Wenzhou are cheaper but not so high quality.They are suitable for customers who care much about the price but not the quality.

Main brands:RODDEX,Cobbe,ORans,AIFEILING,ENSLI,SReam,CleanDell,BJB.

Attending trade fairs would be a great idea for meeting many suppliers in person in a short period of time. Face-to-face meetings build trust and generate goodwill. You can get immediate feedback and negotiate better pricing and terms.

One important trade fair is the Canton Fair which is held twice a year, every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. It connects Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers with buyers and exporters from around the world. Specific to the sanitary wares industry are the Guangzhou International Sanitary Ware Fair and the China International Ceramic and Bathroom Fair or CeramBath.

If you plan coming to Canton Fair,please remember that for sanitary wares display are from 15th April to 19th April and 15th October to 19th October every year.

canton fiar for sanitary wares

Ⅳ、How to Search Sanitary Ware Suppliers from China Online?

If you can’t go to trade fairs to talk to possible suppliers, you can always go online and do comparison-shopping.Doing online research for product sourcing can be cost effective. You’ll save money that would otherwise be spent on airline tickets, accommodation, and other expenses incurred when visiting China factories.

You can find online listings of Chinese suppliers in platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources.

Alibaba is a popular China product sourcing website. It has millions of suppliers and products listed. With its huge list, the directory is faced with questions on the quality of suppliers. The site is also known for having many middlemen or sourcing agents, instead of actual manufacturers.

Related article: How to Source Products and Good Suppliers from Alibaba?

alibaba website

In 2003, Global Sources began to offer an online directory of suppliers similar to Alibaba. They specialize in mobile electronics, home and gift items, and fashion and accessories.

If you’re a beginner and would like to test the waters first, you can try ordering a small quantity from sites like DHgate or AliExpress. There you can find minimum order quantities (MOQs) as low as one piece.

global sources

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when looking at the huge number of listings found in online platforms. To narrow down your choices of possible Chinese sanitary ware suppliers, it’s important to have a criteria for selection. For that, you need to first identify your needs: the specific kind of product you need, the amount you need at present and in the future, your budget, and also your timeline.

In these online directories, you can see supplier profiles along with ratings, reviews, prices, shipment time and other information.

Look for verified manufacturers known for their quality products and those that have established a good reputation in dealing with international buyers. Specifically, find out about a supplier’s business license, its production output capacity, financial capacity, quality control system and its history of contract fulfillment.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to pick the main supplier and a backup supplier. Contact these manufacturers directly to discuss details. Or you can hire a sourcing agent to look for the most suitable suppliers for your needs.

Best China agent helps you import

Ⅴ、Problems You May Have When Importing Sanitary Wares from China

You may have heard of horror stories about businesses sourcing their products from China. When dealing with Chinese suppliers, here are common problems encountered:

  • Poor product quality

  • Incorrect items or wrong product details

  • Delays in delivery

  • Suppliers gone missing

When first looking for suppliers, find out if they are knowledgeable about product quality and safety standards. Know which standards apply to specific sanitary wares (bathtubs, faucets, etc.) or specific countries (like the US or Canada) or markets (like the European Union). Ask prospective suppliers about their quality control measures and ask them to prove previous compliance or show compliance certificates.

Many problems regarding products are usually the result of miscommunication. Take time in preparing your product specifications. Pay close attention to details. Also, manage your expectations. Asking for short delivery times invites quality problems and/or delayed deliveries. Hire a good translator or a trusted China product sourcing agent if needed.Whatever,checking the quality before loading can avoid many troubles.

For supplier problems, you might not have done due diligence on your supplier. You might have just chosen the one that offered the cheapest price. To avoid supplier problems, you need to inquire about the supplier’s experience or reputation in manufacturing and trading. Again, you might need the help of a China sourcing agent to make the process easier.

Best China sourcing agent helps you import sanitary wares

Ⅵ、How to Choose Good Quality Sanitary Ware?

As with any product, you usually rate the quality of sanitary wares based on the quality of raw materials that they are made of. This directly affects the product’s lifespan or how long you can use it. Also, you measure quality based on the benefits or features of these products.

  • Durable

    Whether you prefer a ceramic, acrylic, marble, fiberglass or another type of bath fixture, you want to look at the quality and finish of the raw material used. You’d want one that’s durable, with the finish not likely to easily fade or crack.

  • Thicker glaze  

    The glaze, which is the glass-like surface coating, enables the sanitary ware to be waterproof and protects it from chemicals. The thicker the glaze, generally, the longer its lifespan. Also, the more you use and clean the sanitary wares, the faster the glaze wears out.

  • Thicker color

    The color or overspray is applied before the glaze. The thicker the color applied, the less fading there is on the edges, and the color is even over the whole item.

  • Water-efficient

    There are toilets that have weak flushing power, which can lead to problematic plumbing. Find out if a toilet can do its job in a single flush or more.

  • Easy to clean

    These do not need high maintenance for daily care.

  • Choose the right designs and sizes

    1.P-trap or s-trap toilet

    2.Single or double  hole basin

    3.Right or left door of shower room

    4.Right or left side of bathtub

Last but not least,there are both good and bad suppliers no matter which place of the world.To make sure all things going well,please pay attention to check the quality before loading and make some marks on the package in case being replaced with bad goods.Remembering to supervise loading containers so as to confirm the quanitty and avoid breakages.

foshan sourcing agent

One customer told me he bought faucets from another supplier before,which are nice,heavy and very cheap!Check this video you will know how much important to find a reliable supplier!

Ⅶ、How to Find a Sourcing Agent for Sanitary Ware?

To make the importing process relatively easier, especially if it’s your first time to import sanitary ware from China, you can engage the services of a sourcing agent to connect you with their trusted manufacturers.

Hiring sanitary ware sourcing agents will save you time and energy. They can help you find suitable suppliers, manage quality control and logistics, and more importantly, negotiate lower prices and better payment terms.

Like Chinese suppliers, there are good and bad China sourcing agents. So you need to research to find the right one for you.

Your best China product sourcing agent will be knowledgeable about your product or product category, has a thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture, is experienced in quality control and in the sourcing process, and is experienced in managing Chinese suppliers and international buyers.Most importantly,they should be in good servicing attitude and responsibility.

It makes sense to work with Foshan sourcing agents because they will be based in a city with a big number of sanitary ware manufacturers. Foshan-based sourcing companies will have a large network of sanitary ware suppliers, plus a good knowledge and better understanding of the market. Moreover,since those production clusters of sanitary wares locate next to or near Foshan,it is also convenient for them to deal with your other orders placed in another cities.

Best China sourcing agent


You may encounter difficulties in importing items from China, especially on your first try, but these outweigh the benefits and cost savings achieved when you find the right sourcing agent and ultimately, the right Chinese supplier for your sanitary wares.

For further info,please contact Team

How to Buy and Import Kitchen Cabinets from China?

How to Buy and Import Kitchen Cabinets from China?

Buying kitchen cabinets from domestical market or China?This is a question!

While kitchen cabinets are valued for their practical use such as storage for kitchen tools, they are also appreciated for aesthetic reasons.Whether you’re considering a classic look or the latest trendy choice, well-planned and designed kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen, and even your entire home as a whole.

You need good, functional kitchen cabinets that are versatile and can provide upkeep for all your kitchen stuff. Since there seems to be an ever-increasing need for storage, it can be a complicated task to choose a kitchen cabinet that serves your needs.

Ⅰ、Why buy kitchen cabinets from China ?

If you’re thinking about buying kitchen cabinets, you need to take a serious look at those that are made in China.

Here are the reasons why you should buy Chinese kitchen cabinets:

  • Cheaper price: Due to the use of advanced production processes, Chinese kitchen cabinets are usually cheaper compared to cabinets made in other countries.

  • Easy to assemble: Since a lot of Chinese kitchen cabinets are exported, they are made in a way that they are easy to assemble. Most Chinese manufacturers use a cam lock mechanism where the cabinet face frame and the sides are held together with a hook.

  • Varied, beautiful designs: Chinese kitchen cabinets are some of the most beautifully-designed. Some feature magnificent Asian artistry that’s embossed onto them. Others, while appearing simple, are designed intelligently to provide the most satisfaction to their users.

Normal Kitchen Cabinets We Source For Customers

  • Made by advanced manufacturing processes. China’s furniture industry uses advanced manufacturing processes. Information technology is applied in the production process. With increasing technological innovation, furniture enterprises meet the goal of low cost, high quality and highly efficient production.
  • Perfect for investment properties: Chinese Kitchen cabinets are good for properties which people make for investment purposes as they give the same look and feel of any other cabinet at a low price. This makes the investment properties easy to sell or being rent-out.

In our past cases,many customers prefer to buy kitchen cabinets from China no matter for home use,for project or for sale.With our help to source,they always can find the ideal designs and quality with reasonable price.

import kitchen cabinets from China

Ⅱ、Where to buy kitchen cabinets in China ?

The China National Furniture Association (CNFA) cites 45 furniture manufacturing clusters in China,  which includes the six regions the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Yangtze River Delta (YRD), Bohai Rim, northeastern China, central China and western China.

The PRD has the highest production output and strongest integrated support capability. With its edge in product quality and operations management, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanghai, come next. The furniture industry in the YRD region is developing fast, with the highest average growth rate in the country. The northern and northeastern regions, with Beijing as the center, have a sound furniture industry base and rich wood resources.

Furniture industrial parks are found primarily in eight central and western provinces, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and Shanxi.

If you don’t have the time to go to each of the factories in China, you can head straight to the big furniture malls, like the ones in Shunde furniture markets located in Foshan City in Guangdong province to view finished kitchen cabinets. As I mentioned about those 8 provinces manufacturers,most of them have sale centers and warehouse in Shunde furniture markets.You can finish one-stop shopping for you house in Foshan city.

China Foshan Lighting and kitchen cabinet sales senter

Ⅲ、Which materials are best for making kitchen cabinets ?

There’s a broad range of materials for kitchen cabinets, ensuring that you can find something that suits your unique taste.

Wood: Naturally occurring, solid wood is the most common cabinet option. Beautiful and timeless, wood kitchen cabinets provide great value to any home. There are many varieties  of wood, with differences in cost, appearance, and durability. The high-end ones are very durable, lasting for many years. Because of this, wood continues to be the top choice for high quality cabinets.

Here’s a wide selection of hardwood and softwood used in kitchen cabinets:

  • Oak
  • Hard maple
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Pine
  • BambooBirch
  • ……

Particleboard: Wood crumbs or particles (sawdust, wood shavings, or other similar materials) or non-wood plant debris (wheat straw, straw, linen, sugarcane, or other similar materials) is thermo-pressed together with adhesives.


Plywood: Wood product that consists of a multi-layer board made by combining together very thin layers of wood.


Medium-Density Fiberboard: Typically denser than plywood, medium-density fiberboard or MDF is a wood product made from smaller fibers than particleboard. It has clean edges and with a very smooth surface and superior screw-holding power. It is an affordable and versatile alternative to solid wood.

Medium-Density Fiberboard

If you can’t afford or simply don’t like wood cabinets, consider other options like stainless steel, laminate and thermofoil.

Stainless steel gives off a modern or industrial look. Stainless steel cabinets can be expensive, so make sure you can cover it in your budget.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Thermofoil, laminate and melamine kitchen cabinets are good alternatives if you have a small budget. These are surface finishes that are applied over its main material like particleboard. They are installed to imitate the look of wood, and are produced in a variety of textures, colors, and appearances.

Since these years sourcing for our customers,we found below materials were most popular for them.I think that is because those cabinets are nice appearance,practical quite cost efficient.

Interiors made from With soft close hingesand soft close drawers Appliances
Waterproof plywood covered

with high pressure laminate

German Blum Hinges andBlum drawers Oven,Microwave,Stove,Chimney

(Chinese brands are more cost-effective ).

We suggest buy those appliances together

with the kitchen cabinest so that the factory

can match all sizes perfectly to match.

To Aussie standard E1particleboard with Melamine


Chinese Grasshopper hinges

and Grasshopper drawers

Ⅳ、Purchase Process for Buying Kitchen Cabinets from China

1.Kitchen floor plan

A good floor plan can deliver a beautiful, fully functional kitchen. Floor plans transform your ideas into vivid visuals, where you can find out what needs to be done. When creating or choosing kitchen designs, you see not just the appearance but also the functionality.

Have a well-designed kitchen floor plan and a budget for what you would like to spend on your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen floor plan

2.Cabinets usage

Understand what you need in your kitchen cabinets. Research about cabinet construction and material specifications.Consider factors like size,style and kitchen appliances.

You can choose from three cabinet variations: stock, semi-custom, and custom. Stock cabinets sold at home centers may come pre-assembled or sell versions that need to be assembled. They come in limited style and colors options.Most of them are clearance sale with very big discount price. Semi-custom cabinets provide more style choices and configurations for a more accurate fit for your kitchen. Custom cabinets are the most expensive option, but can include many added features.

Cabinets now come with many user-friendly options, making your life easier. Take a look at pull out drawers, built-in open-storage systems, wine-racks, china display, built in spice rack, or lazy Susans. More features mean more expenses, so determine what features are important to you.

3.Confirm materials and quotations

Keep in mind that you must communicate to the supplier the standards that your product must follow. You must first assess which regulations apply to home products in your market, and then communicate this requirement to your manufacturer.

OEM manufacturers operate on a ‘make to order’ principle. The “catalog products” that they have are mere references at best. You must provide the supplier with a spec sheet. This can include details such as  wall and base, door frame, front frame, cabinet interior, hinges, connectors, shelves, drawer box, and more.Below is one case description from our customer.

Item Description
1.Carcase:18+5mm Particle +Melamine wood colour
2.Door:21mm double side Plywood veneer in straight shaped
4.Counter-top:20mm single colour quartz stone
counter top in straight shaped,edge50mm
5.Skirting:150mm aluminum skirting
6.Handle:door handle
7.With magic corner,dishes basket,SS.cutlery,
aluminum support,and sink &tap
8.Without other baskets,accessory and appliances

4.Confirm 3D design

Confirm your detailed kitchen cabinet specs, sizes, drawings and terms. When a final design has been finalized,the manufacturer will produce production-ready drawings for your review and approval.

Write down all specific materials in the contract.This will avoid the possibility of substitution, disputes, and sending the wrong items.


5.Produce and Pay

Once you approve the design and pay full deposit, your order is placed directly to the factory in China.

The usual manufacturing time from production to your doorstep is 70-90 days (production time normally is 45-70days), depending on the size,material of your order, and factory production schedules and holidays.

Ⅴ、Problems You May Have When Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China

1.Quality Issues

The foremost problem that you may encounter when importing kitchen cabinets from China has something to do with quality. Here are some:

  • The panel stock in some Chinese cabinets may be weak, and might fall apart in a few years. The cabinet finish on some Chinese products is weak. Acceptable hardening agents aren’t used.
  • The finish can be easily marred and flake off with normal use. Scratches easily occur because the finish is substandard.
  • Hardware, such as drawer guides, are stamped from cheap white metal. These guides areeasily rusty and can break and stop functioning if the drawer has excessive weight.
  • Wood needs to be seasoned or dried to the proper moisture content before it’s manufactured into a cabinet. Chinese manufacturers skip this process and make a product with wood that’s still green and not seasoned. This causes the cabinet material to warp and not hold a finish.

2.Delayed Delivery

Delayed deliveries remain a problem. Your contract needs to spell out specific commitments regarding delivery times. Late delivery compensation should be reflected in the contract. Therefore,you have to reserve much more time than the suppliers promise,like 60days as the buffer time.Especially before the Chinese New Year,as our past experience,most of the factories will stop producing 45days before New Year and resume to work after 15days of New Year.That’s,60days are wasted during the holiday.

Chinese New Year 2018

We suggest to confirm the actual delivery time with your suppliers because every company has different holiday policy.Keeping contacting with the suppliers about the process of production every 10 days.

3.Environmental Issue

Some Chinese factories use some questionable processes in the production of cabinets. Sulfur, lead and formaldehyde are sometimes used in the cabinets. These ingredients are banned by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.Therefore,we suggest not only focus on the price when you buy kitchen cabinet.You have to make sure the materials and the supporting electrical appliances are good enough to match.

Ⅵ、Finding the Best Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure that your supplier is not shipping you substandard or damaged kitchen cabinets. To do this, you should hire a quality inspector to check up on your items. They can do visual inspection to check for potential damages, or use of incorrect materials and components.They will also confirm whether the cabinet size match your kitchen or not.

Look for trusted China sourcing companies to handle quality control and trading-related concerns for you.Doing background checks on potential suppliers will save you time and money. Research manufacturers and retailer websites. Read customer reviews. You can also check out store displays for design inspiration. Choose brands and manufacturers with a good reputation. Those that would guarantee not just the quality of their items but also their after-sales services.Your kitchen complements the rest of your home, so choose the kitchen cabinets that you would love.

Kitchen Cabinet production processKitchen Cabinet Production Process

Finally,we find that 99% kitchen cabinet companies would produce wardrobes and wine cabinets,too.It is good for you to buy those products loading in one container to save more delivery charges.

How to Import Tile from China: A Complete Guide

How to Import Tile from China: A Complete Guide

In the past ten years cooperating with importers,we heard complaints from many customers that it was very difficult for them to choose good tile suppliers from China.Because there are so many suppliers for choice,which said 3000+ companies.It is also very headache to choose tile design and control quality.

In this article, we will give a complete introduction of how to import tile from China, and also offer you several solutions when you got problems in importing tile from China.

Many China tile companies are able to produce roughly 25,000 square meters of tiles per day. They are ready to export any volume of order at any time.

A lot of tile companies in the world have been affected by the resurgence of the China tile industry. These countries have a higher production cost thus China has become the better choice.

Most of countries in the world don’t have an anti-dumping duty on Chinese tiles.Moreover,tile exporters can get 9% taxation refund from Chinese government.Thus,depending on the type of tiles, Chinese suppliers’ selling prices could be 30% to 50% lower than tiles sold elsewhere in the world. Of course,the quality is quite satisfying,too.

import tile from China

What Kind of Tile Will Bring You Business?

After attending the 121st Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) and Cerambath (China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan), We have found that large-format ceramic tiles were increasing popularity. Whether it is simple rustic tile or classic marble tile, they all started to be shown in large format.

According to the statistics, the rustic tiles amounts to 10% of all the ceramic tiles in China. Currently, nearly 80% of the lines of rustic tiles are distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hunan and Hubei province. In the first half of this year, 50 new lines for rustic tiles presented in Guangdong and Fujian and Gaoan and Linyi. All these production areas have more than 10 new lines for rustic tiles.

Classification of Tile Produced in China

The top manufacturers in China produces these types of tiles:

  • Porcelain floor tiles
  • Glazed tiles
  • Nonslip tiles
  • Ceramic stone tiles
  • Antique tiles
  • Square tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Industrial tiles
  • Wood look tiles

Where to Find Tile Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

Most cities and provinces in China specialize in the manufacture of specific products. Most suppliers of a certain product are grouped together in one area. This concept makes it easy for importers to source products from China. If you are sourcing tile from China, here are the places you need to look into:

Foshan is a hub for ceramic tiles. About 350 ceramic tile producers with an annual production of about 1.2 billion square meters of ceramic tiles are based in Foshan, Guangdong Province. In the past 10 years Foshan has produced 54% of China’s total ceramic tile output and 25% of the world’s total production of ceramic tiles.

5,000 years of production experience makes Foshan the leading ceramic tile producer in China. Foshan ceramic tile suppliers continuously work on improving the designs of their ceramic tiles. They thrive to match the quality of ceramic tiles produced in Spain and Italy making their exports to major Western markets grow.

8 out of the 10 “China Famous Brands” named by the government are based in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

China ceramic industry headquarter

Since 2012 the quality of tiles produced in Shandong have improved tremendously. The cost advantage of the province has been attracting foreign buyers. Shandong tile exports have reached record highs making it rank as the third province in China in terms of tile exports.

Comparing with Foshan tile,Shandong tile is not so high quality but with lower price.Why?Raw material is the most imporant point.Geography determines the soil in Shandong is worse than Foshan’s.Moreover,most Foshan factories use ink imported from Spain or Italy.Shandong factories use local ink in order to save more cost.There are more production technologies decide the Foshan tile quality is better.I will write other detailed article on how to distinguish good and bad tiles in near future.

zibo ceramic tile city

Most of the exterior tiles exported by China are produced by small family owned workshops in this province. Each workshop would only have about 5 to 10 workers work on a project at a time. Having small workshops, they can offer lower prices.

If you are not too meticulous about quality issues, the tiles produced in this region are an ideal choice.

how to import tile from China